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I Didn't Know My Parents Were Organic

May 19, 2014

I didn’t know they were organic but neither did they. Neither do they. My childhood was spent living the life that so many ‘Green-inspired’ folks and familiar organizations are now trying to persuade earthizens to embrace for the sake of the planets climate. And living that organic life wasn’t so much as a trouble as many new organics would expect especially if dwelling in the metropolitan world.

Travelling from an urban city in South East Asia to visit my parents in the developing world reminded me so much about healthy living. The very lifestyle I had grown up with but never paid mind to. I learnt or rather remembered that living organic is a lifestyle within all our reach regardless of where we live; in the developed or developing worlds.

It is possible to live organic and not struggle to maintain that lifestyle. Some easy lessons can be adopted from the way my parents run their home as illustrated below…


1 Grow a Vegetable Garden

Seeing something grow and knowing that you planted it is an invigorating experience. Nurturing your own vegetables will not only be therapeutic but also healthy. Living an organic life is not only knowing how you like your food but also knowing where and how your food came to be.

If living in an apartment, a small vegetable garden can be built on your balcony space along side your flowers.

2 Plant Fruit Trees

There is no fresher fruit than the one picked from the tree and eaten the very same day. Our markets promise us freshness but you can never be too sure on the amount of preservatives applied to ensure that freshness. Growing your own fruits takes years but once a fruit tree is grown, it can produce fruits for years even with little maintenance.

If you do not have space to grow a tree, why not mobilize your community to create to grow a community garden?

3 Rear Your Produce

Eggs in the morning and a fresh roast for lunch.That is within reach without the help of asupermarket. You don’t need to be a farmer to be able to rear your own poultry but need only sufficient knowledge and initiative.

Knowing how your food is grown, prepared and cooked not only assures you firsthand of your foods freshness but also puts you on the right track of living organic.

4 Recycle

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. We may have already heard these words somewhere but those three words have no meaning unless applied. Reduce the amount of energy used daily; switch off electricity. Turn off your computer... Reuse household items; Use old bottles as flower pots. Use rechargeable batteries... Recycle everything you can; take old bottles to a local recycler.. Use egg shells as manure...

5 Save energy

Install Light Saving Bulbs to save energy and use solar energy if possible, save on gas by sharing a vehicle, using the bus, bicycle or walkingand use renewable natural fuels.

6 Keep Adjusting

Living an organic life means continuous adjustments as well as compromises for the sake of a healthier planet. Be creative and learn of ways applicable ways for you to live organic. Let Commit2Act App be your starting point.

Remember Organic Living is more than just what you eat. It is how you help the planet survive.

Hadassah Louis There is a drive that challenges me to make a positive difference in any small way that I can whenever I wake and it is for this reason I joined TIG: To Inspire. Inform. Involve.
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