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Are Cyber-Friendships Taking Over? - World Friendship Day

July 25, 2014

The cyber-invasion is here. The world is becoming a more connected global village with each passing internet day; you need people to be part of your new city in ‘Townsville’ or a report from at least three friends before being promoted as detective in the ‘criminal’ game and a good neighbor to give you a ‘life’ because apparently you died – again – that’s if you don’t want to pay for it. There’s a lot of need for friends on the internet or social media to be specific.

However, friendship on the social media scene goes beyond games. Some individuals have formed well-meaning relationships with people they’ve never met and while they’ve been some success stories and somewhat disastrous ones as well that does not secure anyone with access to social media from catching the infection of cyber-friendship.

I have had quite a few successful relationships with people I have only been in contact with via internet and many more that didn’t work out but the same can apply with the people I interact with daily. Not everyone we meet stays our friend in the long run – virtually or not.

This goes to show that while cyber-friendships are still gaining steam, to date, real time friendships are still very relevant. Eventually  though, the real time friends may be turned  virtual by our meeting more on Instagram than in an actual coffee shop.



Smart phone and internet have made connectivity accessible to the generation of this day than any other. It only takes an instant to chat up someone on a different continent, timezone and/or outer planets. We can see into different a different life, culture and all we need is a device that can connect to the internet.

Access to people on social networks is much more effortless, no matter who you are.


The cyber world is simple to use once you understand the basics of your particular social media. There is no fear of palms getting sweaty or being a nervous wreck before going on social scenes or the unnecessary awkwardness when you don’t know whether to kiss the cheek twice or thrice. All you need to do is log in and surf. Like, tweet, surf, repost, surf, dislike, unlike,surf, retweet, favorite surf and then Private Message the person with the cutest picture.

The user-friendliness on social media creates an ambiance that promotes friendship growth.


Cyber-friendships are not high maintenance as long as your internet subscription is intact. Your cyber-friendship does not depend on what you wear, where you live, attending gatherings sans social media ones, buying gifts and/or cooking dinner for friends coming over.

Cyber friendship is also affordable when it comes to emotions. Someone getting too attached? Simply sign out, change account and repeat.


There is the belief being popular on the social media scene means popularity in the life reality scene. Actually it is beyond a belief and appears to be a tested fact (non-scientifically, of course). The cyber world is a big ego booster for many, calculated by Likes, Comments, Retweets and Favorites. But the cyber world is not only for the egocentric. There are many individuals who make themselves available to help all those who feel alone.

The cyber world is a big house with enough for all individuals regardless of social class. Some of its users may be but the cyber world is non-discriminatory which appeals to many and allows many individual to search its vast web and find themselves in another individual.

The cyber world connects people who would have never met in real life and that connection is beautiful.


A good picture can represent you for years. You need not fear your bad hair days, your foul-mood days or the bad weather to get in the way of your cyber-friendship. A good picture will show that your life is gooder than good even though you just airbrushed it to make yourself look… longer?

Photo altering technologies aka filter allows cyber users to present themselves in the way they prefer the other cyberzens to view them. This kind of creates a false reality. A happy false reality. Don’t judge, we all want to be happy.  


If emoticons could be used in real life, it would be so much easier to make others understand exactly how we feel. Emoticons cannot be used in real life, they can be used in the cyber world with our cyber friends. Emoticons – for when words are just not enough.

Emoticons do actually make the cyber world much more appealing. They are cute too.

There are many factors feeding the fuel of cyber-friendships but until internet connects the entire world it cannot take over the traditional friendship. But for those with access the cyber world, the survival of real time friendship depends on every smartphone user.

In the end, humans will remain social beings. Happy Friendship Day.

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