November 2, 2015

Submitted By: Oredola Kayode

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Where am from, change is a concept we talk about but never really experience simply because of our fear of the unknown, where am from innovation is a thing we look at from the other side, where am from, making a difference is something for men to dream of, while women would rather stay awake than even imagine leaving footprints in the sands of time.

This isn’t a story to tell you about where am from, but an expression of my reflection on the migration I made from conformity to the uniqueness of my individuality. I always sat as a child wondering if I had a voice not to talk of a message, not even imagining the platform I would use to speak till I found A platform to Deliver my Opinion of Beliefs that needed Expression, yes that’s what ADOBE is:

A platform to

Deliver my

Opinion of

Beliefs that needed


ADOBE stands for the platform that helped me to express every inch of my thoughts, where I met so many other young people like myself who challenged my creativity and skills. A platform that made me see the world as my audience, waiting for my show to start. This platform made my delivery of opinion more intense as it gave me the confidence I needed to form my own beliefs, now ADOBE did not stop at giving me a platform, or even designing my beliefs, they convinced me of the need to always express, express myself.

I need not give you the statistics of events in my life to try to prove that am changed, because ADOBE through its Media making AYV project touched my life and only increased the number of videos I have created or collages and posters I have made, but ADOBE has changed how I walk, talk and think simply by impacting me with the strength to think without a box and then baptizing me with the confidence to be unique enough to ask the world to pause and listen to me. ADOBE has taught me not to wait for the opportunity to be heard but to create that opportunity I need by sitting down to recognize issues in my society and world that hurt me, then create something around that concern and put it in the face of the world making them pause to listen to me.

ADOBE has not only given me all mentioned above but as well as equipped me with skills that have helped and increased my entrepreneurial spirit. I am a content developer and social media activist with a difference. Entitled to a mentor as an ADOBE scholar has been my latest roller-coaster of discovering my plan to becoming a better person.

Where I am from and where I am now is very different.ADOBE has been a part of my migration. I say thank you to ADOBE and MEDIA CONCERN INITIATIVE for WOMEN and CHILDREN for this STORY OF CHANGE




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