Loving Myself Through Media

November 2, 2015

Submitted By: Gabi de Carvalho

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

I can say that media has impacted me in many ways, and trust me, it did.

I remember when I was younger I used to look up at the women in commercials with such admiration. I used to idolize them, and I remember telling my mom that I wanted to be just like them. Perfect blonde hair, tall, and skinny.

Growing up watching shampoo commercials and any commercial that used to sexualize women, in short words, almost every single commercial, in my mind I grew up comparing myself, who I am and the way I look, to these commercials. I thought that I had to have the perfect body, perfect hair, perfect face, so I could be good enough to someone. Media taught me, that as a woman, I should aspire to be just like the models that spend hours applying makeup and getting their hair done only to be photoshopped.

But, even though media makes a negative impact on young girls, it also makes positive impact. Take Dove as an example, they create the most beautiful social awareness campaigns embracing body diversity and Real Beauty. Dove, inspired me to accept who I am, and that I am beautiful no matter what the magazines say. If I am happy with myself, that is enough.

On April, we had to do a personal project. A project that meant something for us. It could be anything, and it ended up being my favorite project, ever. I wanted to show beauty diversity. Coming from a family in which we embrace diversity, (seriously, we come from everywhere), I wanted to do something to unite my community based on our differences. Mexican culture tend to be so close to new things, new people, new ideas, that I thought that showing what being beautiful really meant, and showing that what makes different and unique can join us, was going to be my personal project. Showing beauty diversity. Diversity in general.

I fell in love with this project, and in the past couple of months Adobe Youth Voices gave me the opportunity to expand and to develop my project in a deeper level. It gave me the base to turn my project into something great, big and beautiful, and I am so ready to start inspiring young girls.

I had to go down a long road to learn how to love myself, and right now, I couldn't been happier. I want to keep using media, as an inspiration to young women. I want to be able to be a voice of opinion and stand up for beauty diversity. 

Here are some of the work that I've done in the past;

My video project; LoveForTheSelf. In which I used Adobe Premiere. LoveForTheSelf promotes beauty diversity, I am happy to share it with you.

A visual arts project that I did on my technology class, last year. In this project we had to apply the different types of visual elements, and we created a video with pictures that was taken by my group, at the end it turned into this amazing visual presentation. 

This internet safety awareness that I created last year, as a campaign to promote the latter. 

This is the video campaign that I edited and created, with the help of my team, to support our internet safety awareness campaign.

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