I am Confident

November 4, 2015

Submitted By: Wonderful Olamiposi Kayode

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Adobe Youth Voices is an experience itself, to begin to talk about five hundred words won’t do justice to the change I have experienced as a human being because of AYV. I was first acquainted with AYV in 2009 and still in primary school I didn’t give much focus on it, it seemed like a game, a recreational activity and it was more than that, now I know.

AYV is a fun, enlightening outlet that has enabled me to express myself as a youth of this global village and it has kept no boundary on the ideas that I can create. It has enabled me to be a part of something big and of having a voice among so little in my continent. Comparing the magnitude of issues we are facing as a continent and immediate society, AYV has exposed me and giving me the upper hand to be empowered as I can have a voice and express myself through develop youth media.

I have been given so many opportunities that I never would have ordinarily come across. I have been an AYV Ambassador for two consecutive years. If no one knows how big a deal that is, well it is massive. I can share on youth media to new young audiences. I have supported the AYV partner organization in training young person’s and campaigning for youth media.

I remember two years ago when I was invited to be a part of the practical training of the AYV program for that year at Media Concern Initiative for Women and Children, the AYV partner organization where I became an alumni. It was gave me a feeling of confidence. I had to share my Adobe experience with least 25 of them and at that time I was already an AYV ambassador. This put wings on my feet. In addition to giving a presentation on AYV and Youth media, I also participated in assisting in the practical sessions on Premiere Elements and Photoshop elements.

I have made friends from the program both at home and abroad. I have been introduced to a global community with accessories that keep imagination at a no limits. I can create. I can express myself through media formats. I particularly love photo works.

I can work with others, having learned team work in achieving results and creating projects. I can think on my feet. I am yet to unitized most of my potentials that were hidden but found.

There are issues all around us. Young people do not have many platforms to air their views and concerns. AYV has done that for me. I have been given a voice and have developed confidence in my abilities. AYV gave shelter to a weird mind like mine. AYV gave creativity and words that our community has so comfortably shunned.

Now I can relate to issues around me, having learned how to research issues and see them from a global perspective.

The exposure is unbeatable. I am a much better me.

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