AYV Exhibition: Organización Argentina de Jóvenes para las Naciones Unidas

June 8, 2015

OAJNU coordinated their AYV exhibition to coincide with the International Day of Volunteers. They organized multiple activities that gave them the opportunity to show their community how their contributions - as volunteers - could create real social impacts that affect their realities.

OAJNU Exhibition

The exhibition was held in Vera’s Square, a green space in the downtown part of Corrientes, Argentina on Friday, December 5th, 2014. This square is known for being at the centre of the most visited commercial area of the city.

The general theme of the event was how we could work to change our environment and the importance of getting young people involved in making these changes. The AYV team decided to harness their creativity within this busy space to share their interests and ideas with others.

OAJNU ExhibitionOAJNU Exhibition

All of the art created by the youth in the program were exhibited and these pieces covered a range of topics from violence in sports to eco-friendly energy. Their aim was to demonstrate the diversity of issues that are relevant and important to them.

OAJNU Exhibition

Since the area of the exhibition was very crowded, this gave all of the AYV participants ample opportunities to engage with the community. There was a lot of interest in our exhibits. They were approached by many people who wanted to hear more about our art and what we thought about these issues. The youth were able to explain why they were interested in working on this project. The public really appreciated this event and enjoyed the art pieces that were shared with them.

OAJNU Exhibition

As a final token of appreciation to the community, all of the AYV participants volunteered to clean up garbage to demonstrate how their actions could have an impact in the community.

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