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AYV Partner Appreciation Events Around The World: San José, Costa Rica

December 10, 2015

TakingITGlobal has been delighted to work in partnership with the Adobe Youth Voice program to make an impact on the lives of youth around the world. This journey could not have been possible without the support and dedication of our international partners. To celebrate and appreciate the efforts and accomplishments of our partner organizations, we have launched a series of Appreciation Events around the world to thank these partners and to celebrate youth creativity. Outstanding organizations that demonstrated an exceptional dedication to the program and produced particularly insightful and resonating digital art pieces were chosen for these Appreciation Events.

From the sunny coast of Belize, we fly into the mountain-enclosed bustling city of San José in Costa Rica. Here we have our dedicated and passionate partner, Reto Juvenil Internacional. This organization is dedicated to supporting community initiatives that contribute to an improvement in quality of life for youth, while also promoting the personal development of youth volunteers. Reto Juvenil Internacional is focused on working with marginalized youth that would otherwise not have access to resources, such as those to create digital media.


Our event in San José, Costa Rica brings us to a municipal library in the neighbourhood of Guadalupe. Reto Juvenil Internacional has a partnership with the library so that they have been able to implement their AYV Program successfully in the community. In order to be accessible to the youth in attendance, this event was held entirely in their local language of Spanish.


Over the last three years, Reto Juvenil Internacional, has been able to run their AYV Program with various different groups. Youth from various cohorts of the program were in attendance for this AYV Appreciation Event. After introductions, we began with the striking exhibition that was on display around the room. Youth and educators took turns sharing their inspirations and the meanings behind the art pieces that surrounded us.


There are two particularly admired digital media pieces which have become popular that were produced from this site. One is title “No bullying” and the other is “Libertad”. The two young women which were responsible for creating the “No bullying” image were in attendance at the event and they were able to share their stories behind this piece. It was inspiring and invigorating to hear the passion for change shared by these youth.

The exhibition was followed by a workshop which focused on using the AYV Window to the World Card Deck. Through the use of images created by youth from around the world, youth discussed a range of global issues including child labor, child abuse, animal rights, poverty, and equality. Youth took turns sharing their points of view, their insights, and their hopes for the future.

The conversation then shifted to the 

#withMalala challenge powered by Project 1324. This discussion was centered on the issue of gender equality, particularly in relation to education. We explored how education can make us feel empowered and the power that education itself can hold. We examined the inequalities that currently exist in the world in terms of who has access to education and who does not and brainstormed ideas for how to raise awareness of this issue within the local community.

To conclude the Appreciation Event in a celebratory style, we all joined together for some refreshments and treats. Once everyone was satisfied, we recognized the achievements of the youth and educators involved through certificates and the organization itself was awarded a plaque of appreciation.


Thank you!

A special thank you to Fabio Mora, Sterling Miranda, Yazmin Ruiz, and the rest of the team at Reto Juvenil Internacional for their outstanding contributions to the Adobe Youth Voices program over the years. Your efforts are part of a global movement to empower youth to have their voices heard worldwide through the creative use of digital media. Our celebration is meant to extend our sincerest gratitude to all of the educators and participants for being a dedicated part of the Adobe Youth Voices Program. The full impact of the program would not be possible without your commitment and dedication.

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