My Journey of Social Innovation

September 6, 2016

By: Mirianna Georges, York University Sprout Ideas Camp

For one incredible week this summer, I had the opportunity to meet a room filled with inspired youth who were passionate about social change. A group who were about to embark on a journey of creative design and process. Sprout Ideas Camp is the ideal place to learn how to transform your global social issues into real socially innovative products and services that could change the world for the better.

Our week consisted of workshops lead by guest speakers and industry professionals. They showed us how to turn an idea into something tangible. Guest speaker Jordan Veira shared his story about how his love for the art industry in Toronto fueled the creation of his organization, Spoke N’ Heard. An outlet for up and coming local performers to be heard. It raises awareness for mental health stigmatization in marginalized and racialized communities. For me, Jordan’s story was truly a highlight of the week because he has done what I and many others dream of doing; turning a passion into a cause that could change the world.


Freshly inspired, we would now learned how to develop apps and logos that would allow us to reach a larger audience. I soon discovered that making an app is simpler than it looks. There are countless resources that are available to make the digital aspect of a project into reality. In addition to App design, we were introduced to Graphic Designer, Edgar González, who guided our thought processes into logo design. What began as haphazard thoughts and sketches on social issues blossomed into a clear and concise depiction of the services we wanted to create.

At the end of the week we pitched our creative prototypes to industry experts who generously gave us ideas to improve our products and services. Standing in front of a room full of people was somewhat terrifying, but we persevered toward a worthy goal by embracing new invaluable perspectives and input. My Sprout Ideas Camp journey began with a compelling vision and materialised into lifelines of mentors, friends, tools and an energy to turn my vision into reality.



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