The Food Issue

May 16, 2014

Food is like a favourite subject of mine; I love to eat so it was important for me to learn what to do with the food that was being produced around me. My interest in food started when I was a child – watching cooking shows and trying out new recipes. Food brings so much joy and brings people together. In many cultures food depicts love and warmth. Food is a fundamental need that should be accessible to everyone, but unfortunately it isn’t. There are 842 million hungry people in the world today, with Asia and the Pacific containing the largest population of hungry people at 553 million.

Apparently there is enough food in the world to feed every man, woman and child, so why are there so many dying of hunger and malnutrition? Lack of funds is a key issue (poverty), as well as lack of education, and for some, climate change is a prominent issue that prevents some families eating a well balanced and nutritional food.

I am so inspired by the work that is being done to achieve Zero Hunger. The videos I’ve seen and the articles I’ve read have motivated me to get involved in a project that is working toward this. Those who get to eat a nutritious meal everyday are among the privileged few. Sustainable development is a key principle that needs to be practiced more widely for the benefit of human needs, and more specifically, to help sort out this food issue.

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