10 Minute Improvement That Will Spur Your Productivity

July 25, 2014

Hello everyone, I’m sure you all want to be productive; that is the reason you are reading this article right? Before I proceed, I need to ask this question? Is it possible to birth something forth without a seed process? The same imply you to be productive. You cannot be productive if you don’t have the right tools for productivity to spring forth.

In order for you to be productive, you need to prioritize your activities on a daily basis. (I call it the P.R. system). Don’t engage in activities that will not improve you nor improve others around you. If possible, try and map out your daily activities; you can use your mobile journal app or moleskin.

I am an ardent follower of snapping out activities. I posted this article today within this timeframe because I scheduled it for today. However, you need to constantly remember that you cannot achieve anything if you are not determined to do it. I can decide to loaf for a month end, I will only fool myself not you. Remember that we are our “Worse Enemy.”

Don’t put what you can do today for an unknown tomorrow. Never allow the little pleasure of today rob you of a lifelong regret due to procrastination.

Turn off any form of distraction in prioritizing your activities, you can start small from little task to a more cumbersome task.

N.B: in scheduling your activities, don’t write what you don’t have the capacity to achieve. E.g. ‘saying I want to read 43 Mistake Every Bloggers Makes by Dayo Samuel today” and you don’t have the book is fruitless. You need to schedule activities that are realistic and achievable.

Don’t over work yourself all because you want to be productive. Try and get enough rest and also eat.

You can also find time to observe what I call “ME TIME” (M.T.). It’s usually my Meditation Hours which I observe before I sleep. I enjoy sleeping late because those moments are always insightful and renewing for me. If you want to know how and what I engage in during Meditation Hours, ask me and I will write an article about it. *chuckles*

Find time to read books that will add value, enlarge your horizon also listen to audio messages and attend seminars based on what you are seeking for.

At this point, you may be wrinkling your nose and thinking “I just cannot do it”. Its 9 minutes, stop the flow of that thought right now and Act. Yipee!!! Its 10 minutes.

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