UN Level Solution

July 31, 2014

When exchanging ideas to find solutions at the level of the UN, we can see the nessecity to overhaul the economic framework, by adopting measures of common sense, to adapt smoothly with the transformation from the ground up, and shall I point out from my field of expertise, to adapt peacefully from the underground to the tip of all hiriechies, where official secrecy and codes of silence operate in partnerships.


Here's an article that offers an economic view of the problems faced by the high level hierarchies...


...and here's a solution which is progressively being implemented from Canada to China and more, and which sooner than later I hope, will get to be adopted by all of the UN members, so as to become the launching platform of open collaboration, ushering in the human renewal needed to unfold in all of Care's Health's civility...


As the human cleansing grows, it will become much easier to tackle the oceans clean up and the rest of our common challenges from personal to local to global.

BenoitCtr I look for all the best opportunities that come my way to participate any way I can on the recovery road that stretches from self-destruction to self-control to community governance.
  •    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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