Ownership Bond

August 24, 2014

Titles such as "international society or UN or ... " each have many cheerleaders and fans lining up as wishful participants, but very little evidence of its actual existence and capacity to do anything until it is too late to avoid disaster.

Efforts to bring solutions are mainly driven in Reaction to our problem but our Action remains too often, quite far from adequate for the issues we face and that keep on adding.

As long as we permit economies to be driven by the urge to possess and to control, then humanity is left to the pressures of survival's hype and hurry that deny the Ownership Bond to flourish within each and among all.

In the Spirit of Life in Whom the universe is included, the Ownership Bond cannot be possessed, as I can only be and become who and what I am by owning up to the Bond of Life that Owns me.

Settled within Life's Bond, we then get to behold the rise of the sense of belonging, providing the care to be aware, feeding and leading our awareness to care in all simplicity of our unity.

From the Ownership Bond, humanity settles in the present, where the past can be processed to provide for now and for future generations.

Here's the link connecting with other links, heading an idea of bringing the capital of Ownership Bond to materialize into the harmonization of all currencies:

BenoitCtr I look for all the best opportunities that come my way to participate any way I can on the recovery road that stretches from self-destruction to self-control to community governance.
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